Uninsured extension for Obamacare

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Noting that "health care and taxes now are linked arm in arm," Covered California has extended the 2015 signup deadline for the uninsured who admit they were clueless about penalties for not having health-care coverage. The state Obamacare operation's move -- the second extension of 2015 -- mirrors one by the federal government. Both extensions had been expected due to lobbying by lawmakers and consumer advocates. "Many people who ... (More)

474,000 sign up via Covered Calif.

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Nearly 474,000 consumers signed up for private health insurance via the Covered California program, officials said as the second enrollment period closed. More than 36,000 enrolled on Sunday, Feb. 15, the final day for signups. That's the biggest enrollment seen for any single day since the signups for 2015 on Nov. 15. "With this surge in momentum, we expect more than 500,000 people will enroll in a health plan through Covered ... (More)

5-day enrollment extension in Calif.

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Consumers who take some steps to obtain health insurance via Covered California will see a short extension of the open enrollment period, officials said. The regular end of enrollment is Feb. 15. "We will help people get across the finish line in the days following the deadline, but you must take steps to begin the process by the 15th by starting an application or making an appointment," Covered California chief Peter Lee ... (More)

Health-care ratings up among poor

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More than half of low-income Californians say their health care is "excellent" or "very good," according to a new survey. Satisfaction increased significantly in recent years in continuity of care, wait times, availability of appointments, courtesy and cleanliness, according to the Blue Shield of California Foundation, which compared its recent results with those from 2011. Thirty-one percent of patients now rate their care as ... (More)

94% renewal rate for Calif. plans

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When it comes to health insurance, Californians seem to value consistency. Of the 944,000 people who were could renew their coverage for 2015 through Covered California, the state's health insurance exchange, 94 percent stayed in the same plan that they were in last year. About a third of them shopped for other plans available on the exchange, but few ended up making a change. The other two-thirds took no action and were ... (More)