6 more days for health coverage

Health insurance deadline

Anyone who made an effort to sign up for health insurance via Covered California gets an early holiday present -- another week to sign up for policies that begin Jan. 1. The state Obamacare operation announced that consumers who had begun the application process or made "good faith effort" would be eligible for the extension until Dec. 21. "We are providing this window to get people across the finish line," Covered California ... (More)

Covered Cal signs up 49,000

Covered California CEO Peter Lee - health insurance executive

Almost 49,000 people signed up for coverage via Covered California in the first three weeks of open enrollment for 2015, the state Obamacare operation said. "More than 290,000 new consumers submitted applications and were determined eligible for private health insurance or Medi-Cal," Covered California said in announcing the numbers covering Nov. 15 through Dec. 3. Consumers have until Dec. 15 to sign up for private insurance that ... (More)

Immigrant health-care bill refiled

State Sen. Ricardo Lara of Southern California

A California state senator has filed a reprise of his "Health for All" legislation that would extend Obamacare to all low-income Californians, including undocumented immigrants. Sen. Ricardo Lara, left, hopes to override provisions of the Affordable Care Act that exclude illegal aliens from from health insurance subsidies. The exclusions were specified as part of the political warring over health care reform. A majority of the ... (More)

Covered Cal approval dips in survey

Public Policy Institute of California logo

A slim majority of Californians continue to say Obamacare is working in the state, although support appears to be slipping at the end of subsidized insurance's first year. The Public Policy Institute of California survey reports that 46 percent had a generally favorable view of the health-care reform law, while 43 percent had a generally unfavorable one. Covered California, the generally well regarded Obamacare operation, drew ... (More)

State: Insurers misled consumers

Auditor's magnifying glass

State regulators say Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield of California provided "untrue" or "misleading" information about physicians connected with their health care policies sold via Covered California. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield account for more than half of the business done on the state Obamacare health-care exchange. Both of the insurance giants responded that there were problems with the state's methodology, but admitted ... (More)