Covered Cal signs up 217,000

California's Obamacare operation says 217,146 consumers have signed up for new coverage in the 2015 health insurance campaign. "More than 1,099,200 people sought coverage and were determined eligible for private health insurance and eligible or likely eligible for Medi-Cal from the start of open enrollment on Nov. 15 through Jan. 11," Covered California said in breaking down the numbers Jan. 13. There were 466,778 enrollments into ... (More)

Brown signs 2 key Obamacare bills

Saying it was "a big day for Californians who don't have health care or don't have adequate health care," Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law two historic pieces of legislation tied to the Affordable Care Act. Brown also signed the state budget plan June 27, with provisions for dental care and mental health treatment for low-income Californians. The sweeping health reform bills were ABX1-1 from Rep. John Perez, and SBX1-1 from state ... (More)

Covered Cal building ‘bridge’

Covered California is seeking federal approval for its proposal to offer "bridge" plans to families who go in and out of eligibility for Medi-Cal. Those families would then be allowed to purchase health insurance through the Covered California health exchange, which is being set up in response to the Affordable Care Act. About 15 percent of Medi-Cal families lose coverage via temporary increases in income, the state health benefit ... (More)