Healthcare Compare site unveiled

Having a baby in California? Your average out-of-pocket costs for an uncomplicated birth could cost a lot less in San Mateo County ($920) than in Alameda County ($1,300), Santa Clara County ($1,500) or Orange County ($1,800). Thinking about a knee replacement? You'll find a surprisingly wide variation in quality ratings among Bay Area hospitals for the procedure. These are among the insights from a new consumer web site ... (More)

474,000 sign up via Covered Calif.

Nearly 474,000 consumers signed up for private health insurance via the Covered California program, officials said as the second enrollment period closed. More than 36,000 enrolled on Sunday, Feb. 15, the final day for signups. That's the biggest enrollment seen for any single day since the signups for 2015 on Nov. 15. "With this surge in momentum, we expect more than 500,000 people will enroll in a health plan through Covered ... (More)

6 more days for health coverage

Anyone who made an effort to sign up for health insurance via Covered California gets an early holiday present -- another week to sign up for policies that begin Jan. 1. The state Obamacare operation announced that consumers who had begun the application process or made "good faith effort" would be eligible for the extension until Dec. 21. "We are providing this window to get people across the finish line," Covered California ... (More)

Covered Cal web site ailing again

Reports of new troubles on the Covered California continue to come in, just weeks before the start of open enrollment for the Obamacare operation's second year. One broker told the Sacramento Business Journal that he'd been unable to make changes to health insurance plans for clients for several weeks. He called it "the same nightmare as last year." While had its share of issues in the initial enrollment ... (More)

Covered Cal web enrollment back

Covered California's online enrollment system is back online, after an embarrassing and disruptive outage of five days. The state Obamacare operation blamed the web site crash on "a software malfunction that occurred during a planned maintenance update on Sunday, Feb. 16." Many of the site's pages were visible, but those trying to enroll were greeted with an advisory saying the site would be back soon. "We are experiencing ... (More)