Young adults make strong showing

Covered California’s youth movement continued for the 2016 enrollment, with young adults consisting of about 37 percent of signups, the state Obamacare operation said.

obamacare enrollment figures graphicThat compares with 29 percent vs. the first open-enrollment period.

Overall, more than 425,000 consumers signed up for health care policies, Covered California said Feb. 4. That number will change as consumers have several more days to complete their applications under an extension offered at the end of the enrollment period.

The young adult demographic (18- to 34-year-old) is particularly key to success under the Affordable Care Act because these consumers are the healthiest and least expensive to cover. This helps hold down premiums across the board.

“Even more important than the strong numbers of those enrolling is the fact that we appear to be continuing to attract a younger and healthy mix of consumers,” said Covered California chief Peter Lee.

“We continue to have a broad and healthy mix of those signing up for coverage — which has already been declared among the healthiest in the country — which means better rates and a more stable system, both for all of our enrollees, and for the entire individual health insurance marketplace in California.”

Covered California also announced that 1,149,000 consumers who were enrolled in 2015 had plan selections made for 2016.

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