Obamacare subsidies backed in poll

Despite months of news coverage, most people say they have heard little or nothing about a Supreme Court case that could eliminate subsidies helping millions of Americans afford coverage under the federal health law, according to a poll. But when respondents were told about the case, King v. Burwell, about two-thirds said that if the court strikes down the subsidies, then Congress or state officials should step in to restore them, ... (More)

Health-care ratings up among poor

More than half of low-income Californians say their health care is "excellent" or "very good," according to a new survey. Satisfaction increased significantly in recent years in continuity of care, wait times, availability of appointments, courtesy and cleanliness, according to the Blue Shield of California Foundation, which compared its recent results with those from 2011. Thirty-one percent of patients now rate their care as ... (More)

Poll: Obamacare stumps uninsured

Despite saturation media coverage of the Affordable Care Act, many uninsured Americans remain clueless about Obamacare offerings, a new poll suggests. "Over half (52 percent) of uninsured Americans are not at all or not very informed about the ACA, and nearly four in 10 (38 percent) have not heard about the new health insurance exchanges," according to an analysis by the Transamerica Center for Health Studies. The Harris Poll ... (More)

Covered Cal approval dips in survey

A slim majority of Californians continue to say Obamacare is working in the state, although support appears to be slipping at the end of subsidized insurance's first year. The Public Policy Institute of California survey reports that 46 percent had a generally favorable view of the health-care reform law, while 43 percent had a generally unfavorable one. Covered California, the generally well regarded Obamacare operation, drew ... (More)

Californians: Cover illegal aliens

A majority of the state's voters support extending current health insurance programs to all low-income Californians, including undocumented immigrants, according to a new statewide poll. The poll was commissioned by The California Endowment, a foundation that has been actively working to expand health insurance access to all people, regardless of immigration status. The Affordable Care Act expressly bars undocumented immigrants from ... (More)