Bill would include illegal aliens

Saying that "immigration status shouldn't bar individuals from health coverage," state Sen. Ricardo Lara is proposing a radical expansion of the Affordable Care Act in California. Lara, who heads the state's Latino Legislative Caucus, says about 1 million "undocumented residents" will go without health coverage under Obamacare, which specifically excludes them. He'll file legislation that would include them in the California health ... (More)

Out-of-pocket caps OK’d by panel

California consumers worried that out-of-pocket insurance expenses could soar under the Affordable Care Act are nearing the protection of state law. The California Assembly Health Committee has approved a sweeping Senate Bill that reins in consumer costs under the Covered California health insurance exchange. The bill already was OK'd by the Senate. Obamacare faced more negative headlines in recent days with reports that consumers ... (More)

Brown signs 2 key Obamacare bills

Saying it was "a big day for Californians who don't have health care or don't have adequate health care," Gov. Jerry Brown signed into law two historic pieces of legislation tied to the Affordable Care Act. Brown also signed the state budget plan June 27, with provisions for dental care and mental health treatment for low-income Californians. The sweeping health reform bills were ABX1-1 from Rep. John Perez, and SBX1-1 from state ... (More)