Premiums vary widely across states

The Affordable Care Act's bottom line looks to be an elusive figure for consumers in the 17 states about to bring health reform to market. A study of the largest cities in those states and the District of Columbia found significant variations in insurance premiums for individuals, but they're "generally lower than expected" by federal bean counters. California fared well in the comparisons, but some other state plans offered ... (More)

Survey: Uninsured still uncertain

Two-thirds of uninsured Americans aren't sure if they'll buy insurance via the new marketplaces established under the Affordable Care Act, a new poll indicates. Only 19 percent of those polled said they planned to buy coverage by the Jan. 1, 2014, deadline, pollsters found. And 10 percent said they would remain uninsured and pay the Obamacare penalty required in 2014 by federal law. The survey, conducted for, ... (More)

Premiums forecast: Up 14%

Health insurance premiums for individuals who buy their own policies will rise 14 percent in 2014, a new study predicts. The increase without effects of the Affordable Care Act would be about 9 percent, said consultants to the state-backed marketplace, Covered California. Meanwhile, those who qualify for subsidies -- tax credits, lower deductibles -- may pay significantly less in monthly premiums compared with recent years, the ... (More)

24 states OK’d for health marketplaces

Twenty-four states and the District of Columbia have been cleared to establish Health Insurance Marketplaces under the sweeping Affordable Care Act. Iowa, Michigan, New Hampshire and West Virginia are the latest states to get the green light to run State Partnership Marketplaces, the federal Health and Human Services department said. The exchanges will be open for business come Oct. 1. Under the health-insurance reform law, states ... (More)