Uninsured unclear on subsidies

More than a third of those without health insurance in California are unaware of the financial incentives offered via the state’s Obamacare operation, a report says.

“We cannot ignore the reality that too many uninsured Californians still don’t know they can get financial help to buy brand-name insurance through Covered California,” said the organization’s executive director, Peter Lee.

Covered California tour bus

Covered California tour bus in San Diego, late October.

The third open enrollment period under the Affordable Care Act runs Nov. 1 through Jan. 31.

“We are going to take to the airwaves and hit the road with a new campaign to make sure consumers know what we offer and where they can enroll,” Lee said. Covered California execs are headed back to their bus for a statewide “Spotlight on Coverage” campaign.

A $29 million advertising campaign begins Nov. 2.

Lee said, however, that third California Affordable Care Act “Consumer Tracking Survey” shows that more residents have been exposed to news coverage about Covered California (60 percent) than have seen advertising (56 percent).

The study found that more uninsured consumers know about the federal tax penalty for not having insurance than know about the subsidies available to most low-income buyers of policies.

Covered California estimates there are about 750,000 Californians eligible for subsidies, and it forecasts that between 295,000 and 450,000 consumers will newly enroll in coverage during open enrollment.

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